• Babyliss Pro FX Clipper & Trimmer Duo Set
  • Babyliss Pro FX Clipper & Trimmer Duo Set
  • Babyliss Pro FX Clipper & Trimmer Duo Set

Babyliss Pro FX Clipper & Trimmer Duo Set


This duo includes the BaByliss Pro Gold FX Clipper and Skeleton FX Trimmer.
The professional hair clipper with cordless battery operation or with mains connection.

Equipped with lever for cutting adjustment:
0.8 - 1.4 - 2 - 2.8 - 3.5 mm

Robust and ergonomic structure, entirely metallic, designed for 100% professional reliability
Perfectly linear and balanced design for optimal user comfort with balanced weight.
Precision blades in Japanese steel with extremely sharp cutting angle.

High torque digital motor for greater power and maximum speed

Equipped with 8 spacer combs:
1.5 - 3 - 4.8 - 6 - 10 - 13 - 16 - 19 mm

- Charging base
- Lubricating oil and brush
The BaByliss PRO FX7870GE Skeleton FX Trimmer offers maximum visibility during cutting.

It is a professional trimmer designed with the utmost attention to your work thanks to the open T-shaped blade holder. BaByliss PRO FX7870GE offers a complete 360-degree view.
The trimmer offers complete visibility when making precision cuts and hair tattoos.

Another advantage of an exposed blade is that it is less prone to overheating because there is nothing around it that facilitates heat production.

And last but certainly not least, the exposed blade lets you adjust your instrument to 0 without removing the blade.

The carefully designed design, power and ergonomics give it a perfect balance.

Ultra-resistant and 100% professional, it has a 40 mm T-blade DLC / Titanium with zero adjustment and an EDM TECHNOLOGY motor developed in collaboration with FERRARI. All this guarantees high performance, power and cutting precision.
An exceptional 2-hour battery life achieved in ultra-fast charging times thanks to a lithium-ion battery.

360 ° exposed T-blade precision DLC / Titanium blade adjustable to zero to perform defined cuts. Perfect to finish the job, trace the line of the neck, the beard, the outline of the ears, ideal for hair tattooing. It is perfect for creative and extremely precise jobs.

High performance, power and cutting precision guaranteed by an
electronically controlled high torque digital motor .

The robust and all-metal structure of SKELETONFX has been designed for intensive use and 100% professional.

Ultra-fast total charge achieved in just 3 hours and 2-hour continuous operating time, guarantee maximum flexibility, time savings and even more efficiency in your work. The trimmer design has been scientifically studied to offer total balance and perfect ergonomics.

The grooved and non-slip texture of the handle ensures a secure grip and comfort during

This is non UK plug therefore you will require a travel adapter. Suitable for worldwide usage! 
Please note: As this is a non UK trimmer therefore we will be offering a 3 month MCR Warranty (excluding wear & tear)