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BaByliss FX3 Carbon Black Collection

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PRE ORDER - Please note our batch of orders will arrive week commencing 3rd April 2023.

The Collection includes:

Babyliss Black FX3 Clipper - The new FX3 Clipper features a small groove under the blade, perfect for having a stable thumb rest on the front of the clipper.

It offers 5 levels of adjustment to precisely set the cutting height with the button on front of clipper which also acts as a thumb rest. The adjustment ranges from 0.7 - 1.1 - 1.4 - 1.7 - 2.0 mm.

The power button also allows you to adjust the cutting speed by simply sliding it up; it goes from 6000 to 7000 rpm.

The lowest speed, that of 6000 rpm, is ideal for creating shades (fades);
The speed of 7000 rpm, on the other hand, is designed to easily cut and thin out any type of hair in a short time.

It has a 4-level battery LED indicator indicates the remaining charge time (75% - 50% - 25% - 0%), so you can understand how much usage time you have left before recharging.

The zero gap Titanium Fade Blade is perfect for blending. With its steeper angle and high precision, it's perfect for barbers and hairstylists who want to perfectly define cutting and blending lines.

The Babyliss FX3, with a 5 hour recharge, offering the same run time of 5 hours! Lithium polymer battery.

High performance, high torque digital motor: two speed levels from 6000 rpm to 7000 rpm, with constant speed technology for all five hours of autonomy in cordless mode. Outstanding cutting performance.

Low vibration: Low vibration level, for perfect control during use.
Maintenance kit included.

Babyliss Black FX3 Trimmer - Babyliss Pro FX3 Trimmer is the Ergonomic and Innovative finishing hair trimmer. With a 360° exposed blade also known as 'skeleton'.

Lightweight and with an ergonomic handle, Babyliss Pro FX3 Trimmer is designed to offer a new work experience with total comfort. 

The 360° exposed blade and body that allows for enough free space to precisely trim even edges.

The Titanium T-Blade is adjustable to zero gap. Furthermore, it has a greater angle, with a 15% increase in the angle of use it creates a more precise and natural support space compared to normal trimmers. This means that when you draw the cutting lines, the blade rests exactly where you want to make the zero gap cut. This feature makes drawing cutting lines quick and easy.

High autonomy time: with a 3-hour recharge, the Trimmer FX3 offers a working time of 4 hours in cordless mode. Lithium-battery.

High performance 7200 rpm high torque digital motor with constant speed technology. The speed remains constant for the 4 hours of cordless autonomy (Cordless mode). 


The 4-level battery LED indicator indicates the remaining charge time (75% - 50% - 25% - 0%), so you can understand how much usage time you have left before recharging.

Low vibration: Low vibration level, for perfect control during use.


Babyliss Black FX3 Shaver  - Babyliss Pro FX3 Shaver is the new High Performance Electric Razor. Lightweight and Ergonomic.

The FX3 shaver has been designed to complement perfect cut lines and blends, it's the perfect tool for extra close shaves, for clearing the hairline with crisp, clean results. Its ultra-thin floating foil system offers a safe and close shave without irritating the skin. It is very comfortable to use thanks to its perfectly balanced design and light weight.

High Speed ​​Rotary Motor: Offers an ultra-fast, 10,000rpm DC motor.

Gold and titanium hypoallergenic double foil offset system: the ultra-thin dual foil head offers a perfect cut to "hug" the profile of the head or face.

Lightweight: This razor is half the weight of traditional metal razors.
Ergonomic: in addition to being light, this razor has a shape that guarantees a firm grip and maximum comfort.
4 Battery LED Indicators: The blue light led is divided into four sections that indicate the remaining charge time, so you will always know when the battery needs to be recharged: 75% - 50% - 25% - 0%.

Lithium polymer battery - cordless or cordless operation: up to 3 hours of cordless autonomy thanks to a 3-hour recharge time.

Automatic shutdown system: you can turn off the shaver by simply closing it with the lid.
Easy cleaning and maintenance: You can remove the top of the shaver at the touch of a button to easily clean the inside of the shaver.
Hook for hanging included.

The products in the FX3 Collection are dual voltage, so you can take them with you anywhere in the world. With the FX3 Clipper, you can shape, shade and cut hair. With the FX3 Trimmer, you can create lines, and close shaves. With the FX3 razor, however, you can shave and finish edges and details.


Please note: Warranty - As these are imported they only come with a 3 month MCR Warranty