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Free Next Day Delivery For Orders Over £75

The Shave Factory Hair Removal Wax Azulen - 500g

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The Shave Factory Hot Wax can be safely applied to the face. Because solid wax weakens the hair roots, it reduces and slows hair growth.

Be sure that the area which you are going to wax is clean and dry. When it is hot in the places where you are going to apply wax to your body, dry the area with powder.

Increase the temperature of the heater to 90°C in the first usage. Heat the wax until it completely melts. After the wax is melted, wait until the wax is in the right temperature to apply.

Before applying the wax on a large surface, test it on a small surface of your body. Apply wax on the direction of hair to grow with the help of a spatula.

The wax will get solid in a short time. Lift and hold up to draw one simple move, pull the solid wax against the directions of the hair to grow. Otherwise, it can give bruise the skin. After waxing clean with wax oil.